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Meissner Consulting GmbH
Berater, Entwicklung
Themenfelder: Beratung, Produkt-Entwicklung, Projektmanagement
Medical Product Sterilization - Electron Beam or X-ray Technology

We have been involved with medical device sterilization by electron beam and X-rays for 20 years, have participated in the development of many ASTM standards and ISO 11137. Joern Meissner has designed and managed the construction, installation and commissioning of several electron beam facilities. His core interests are in enabling beam performance through efficient processes and facility designs with business acumen.
Kategorien (Biete): BeratungDesign und Simulation
Kategorie (Suche): Joint venture
Adresse: Prof.-Messerschmitt-Strasse 3, 85579 Neubiberg, Deutschland
Telefon: +49 89 30765220