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NeMoDevices AG
In-Verkehr-Bringer, Medizintechnik
Themenfelder: Angewandte Forschung, Diagnostik, System-Entwicklung
NeMoDevices is delivering a new class of neuromonitoring system. Our focus lies on patients with traumatic brain injuries. We are dedicated to optimizing their therapy and thereby improving outcomes of treatment. Thanks to its unique system approach NeMoDevices is capable of providing “Insights Inside the Brain”.
NeMoDevices is the first to provide a solution for minimally-invasive (NeMo Probe) as well as non-invasive (NeMo Patch) multi-parameter neuromonitoring in a single system.
Kategorien (Biete): GeräteNeurologie
Adresse: Weinbergstrasse 161, 8006 Zurich, Europa
Telefon: +41 43 3439604